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Saturday, June 6, 2009 3:19 PM
LOL. The title was not needed. It was just random.
Finally, guys, I'm back. After soooooo VERYYYYY Long.
Reason why I'm so quiet: Let's just say, there's nothing much going on right now.
Except busy-ness all day long.

Busy with what, you ask?
FYP, Asian Youth Games (AYG) & SA.
So many things to do, So little time.
FYP mid-term assessment was recently over. Sheesh.
Tough luck. Tough assessors, except for one - Patrick.
Lol. Nicest guy ever.
Shan't elaborate on FYP. But just know that I should be doing well. (I hope)

AYG, gosh... Shouldn't have got involved in this in the first place.
Now, my jobscope, have to manage a team, & publicise everything about AYG & DCID in RP.
How fun is that? Quite fun, but damn, the planning itself, seems very tiring to me.
Excited, but hmm... Don't know what to expect.

SA... Some stuffs here & there. Coming up: PBL Symposium again.
Busy Busy. Trainings have got to run - New Year 1s just came in.
Sheesh... Really Busy!
Guess this is REALLY LIFE of A YEAR 3.

& I do not know what is wrong with me. But grades arent good either. D - coz' never do RJ (no laptop!). C - coz of many other reasons.
F***. & I don't know, but I guess, I should let someone else take the lead this time.
Everytime there's a change in teams, there is sure to be someone in the team who gave a negative vibe.
Like, you know, "I-don't-like-to-work-with-you" vibe.
I don't know what I did wrong.

Oh well, Less is More, i guess.

That's updates about school. Busy-ness. Tired out. Holidays are not holidays at all.
Somebody, Anybody, SAVE ME!!!

Besides school, other things have turned out OK as well.
Relationship with Mr. turned 1 year on 23rd May.
Didn't do anything much.
Went to watch a concert at Esplanade.
Went to eat at Popeye's at SG Flyer.
& had a nice long chat about ourselves.
LOL. Sounds boring, I know.
But oh well, we did enjoy ourselves, simply talking.

Dat's relationship.
Work at Haagen-Dazs was ok too.
Seem to be enjoying myself, meeting different kinds of people & kids.
Thanks for the flexible timings, I manage to put aside work for a while to focus on school.
Thank goodness.

I guess those are the updates about me.
Nothing much, I know.
Boring life. Busy everytime. But oh well, this is Life.
Thank goodness, nobody's expecting anything much from me now (Besides the commitment level - SA, FYP, AYG).
These are inevitable.

Anyways, That's about it.
I miss all my friends. Kai, Tas, Stephen, Natasha.
I wish I can find some time to really hang out with them.

Can somebody switch bodies with me for 1 week?

*sigh*sigh* >.<
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 11:18 PM
*sigh* I'm feeling restless. Probably because school is tiring me out.
It's the last stretch, & I'm supposed to do well, do my best, but it doesn't seem to be that way.
My grades have been mostly Bs so far, & 1 C from 1 module.
I really hope there's not going to be anymore Cs, because it really sucks.

I have to say, sometimes I feel intimidated in class.
People are like doing better than me, more vocal, smarter in a way.
(Typical Firah behaviour)
But I'm trying my best to like, adapt and work with that.
Boy, it sure is tough. Seems to be like everyone is competitive, but I'm not like that.

There's competition, & then, there's COMPETITION.
(If you get what I mean)
That is like the only word they have in their dictionary, but oh wells...
Guess I got to push myself somemore.
Like what Dennis said, "got to 'tekan' her some more..."
I do not know what he's trying to say, but I know I just have to push myself harder.

What can I say?
It is, after all, I think, a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Firah is extremely tired.

School's UP & RUNNING
Saturday, April 25, 2009 2:00 PM
School's UP, but I'm gonna update about what I did during the school holidays, the week before school starts.
As you guys know, I ended my IEP that time, & so, I dragged a couple of friends out to East Coast, for CYCLING!!
HELP! He's trying to kill me!

Natasha & Me. LOL.

Let's say, I was the only DECENT one.

Tired out. LOL.

We went back at around 6+ almost 7. I had so much FUN that day! Been a very looong time ever since I cycled. (Of course, after that, my butt & legs were hurting a little).
But who cares? It was SUPER FUN! Just chilling with the people whom you love - in this case, Natasha & Mr. Ahmad Zaki.

& Now, I'm back at home on a Saturday. 1 week of school has just ended. 14 more weeks to go. Haha. I don't know why I'm counting down.
But anyways, Mr. just started work today at Toys 'R' Us. Left me all alone again. Lonely. :(

Hmm... Oh, & I went to ISLAND CREAMERY yesterday. With who? Of course, my darling Mr. I was coughing so bad, but I still wanted ice-cream. (See how stubborn I am?)
It was awesome. The mud-pie. Nutella ice-cream. I want to go again!
Mr. said he'll bring me to Awfully Chocolate next time, when I'm well again. Wee~

Class was ok, so far. Nothing interesting. Same ol' coursemates. Intimidated, but so what? Just gonna do what I want to do, & do it well. 'Chiong' arh! Hahaha... :P

For now, I shall just do my own work. Like my IEP report, which at first I planned on not doing, but on 2nd thought, I just decided to write and finish it. Or, hmm, my FYP research. That might be good.
If not, I'll just surf the Net & see what I can find. Mr. taught me Philosophy yesterday. I enjoyed it. Really. I got to know things which I didn't know. Confusing, but still, Fun & Fulfilling. I'm gonna read up more. Heh. ;)

Till next time, peeps.
Cogito, Ergo Sum.


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